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Eviction Attorney North Hollywood

Being a landlord comes with a specific set of challenges and responsibilities. And sometimes, it comes with specific legal issues, too.  Boyadjian Law Group can provide you with a North Hollywood eviction attorney who can answer your questions and help you avoid expensive legal problems.


When should you look for an eviction lawyer in North Hollywood? There are several situations in which an experienced eviction attorney can help you achieve the best outcome. Call us for help with:

  • Evictions, especially if it’s your first time evicting a tenant

  • Accusations of discrimination

  • Personal injury or liability issues

  • Drafting residential and commercial lease agreements


In addition, we can help if your tenant sues you for major property damage, alleging that your failure to properly maintain the rental property caused damage to their belongings.


Landlords have a unique set of legal challenges, but our North Hollywood eviction attorneys can help you smooth out difficult legal situations and keep your reputation intact. Contact us today.

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